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Quality system

Laminats Orient  follows the quality sytem type ISO 9001.

It has SOPs (PNL ‘s) for both the operation of its offices and factory procedures.

Standards for the use of machinery , management of raw materials , the definition of the workplace and production control at intermediate points , ensuring the implementation of preventive and corrective measures in all processes .

The development of the business of Laminats Orient implies compliance with all laws dictated throughout different administrations at regional, national and in the framework of the European Union level .

Also regulations of the other institutions and international agencies that regulate the industry, as is the case with ECHA (European Chemical Agency ) responsible for the REACH regulation, which ensures the use of authorized substances.

Laminats Orient has a team of professionals focused on continuous improvement , both in formulating solutions to its customers as issues relating to production optimization .


Laminats Orient worries about the impact of its activities on the environment and therefore invests in measures that protect the environment , In advance of any legislation on Corporate Sustainability.

It has a purifying station of its own to ensure proper treatment of wastewater


Some of their most outstanding iniciatives:

  • Controls the quality and quantity of discharges and meets the objectives of reducing volume and COD ( Chemical Oxygen Demand ) values in its ​​discharges facilities
  • Applies special measures for the management of solvents and volatile organic compounds ( VOC ‘s)
  • It features LED lighting in their facilities as an energy saving measure
  • Different stages in the supply chain include specificRecycling and Reuse actions

Since 2003 it has the certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100 , which enables their products to reach and to be considered as ‘ Class I’ ( suitable for childcare articles) ithey have official recognition of laboratories for the manufacture of flame retardant products , which today have evolved to certification for fireproof curtains type Black- outs.

Subsequently, in 2010 , obtained the OEKO -TEX Standard 1000 , which grants them the recognition as a company that offers sustainable manufacturing processes .

      1. Friendly chemicals to safety and to the environment are used
      2. Socially responsableocialmente responsable
      3. Sustainable processes from the environmental point of view

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