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In the lamination process adhesive is applied between two layers so that they adhere among themselves , this way you can adhere among two layers of fabric or one  fabric to a layer or membranes using PUR as adhesive.

In this way ensures that the materials will be able to be washed without delaminating .

It is ideal for adhereing membranes and make sandwich type  technical fabrics .

The maximum working width allowing us this technique is 205 cm useful.

Induction coating

This technique is used for knitted products with perfectly smooth laminated surfaces

If the used polymer is polyvinyl chloride (PVC ), we obtain textil items with a very high durability , which endure  the use of chemical agents and aggressive washes .

If the polymer used is polyurethane (PU ) articles that retain the impermeability and durability are obtained , but also may become highly breathable and flexible .

The maximum working width allowing us this technique is 235 cm useful.


Air scraper

Technique used to transfer very small amounts of  polymer material on the fabric used as support or base layer.

In its mode ‘ Scraper air ‘ is ideal for fireproofing , water proofing and to apply stain resistant  treatments to tissues. In its mode ‘ Scraper on cylinder ‘ very flexible and light .

A great regularity of the surface of the materials  is achieved throughout the entire applied width, up to 320 cm.

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