waterproof fabrics. laminates, coatings by induction, resins, waterproof fabrics breathable fabrics laminats orient.

Applying R+D+I mean that research, knowledge, development of technological resources and innovation are present from the first to the last step of the entire manufacturing process.

Its target is to achieve maximum customization of the textile solution and to adapt to the customer’s needs. For this reason, in Orient we have our own laboratory where we develop new formulas, products and projects for our clients with a qualified technical department to carry out the whole process. In addition, the technical department acts as a support for the commercial technicians who attend to and advise customers in an efficient and decisive way.
own laboratory in laminats orient
We are constantly working on R+D+I to cover the needs of our customers and to develop as a Company new, sustainable, and innovative solutions that have a positive impact in the environment. With this in mind, we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers, who recommend and advise us on new products that add value to our projects.