We innovate, adapt, and develop solutions according to our client’s needs.

At Orient we strive every day to innovate in products, processes and techniques that improve the performance of the final product.

Exploring new methods and formulations in the lamination and coating of fabrics allows us to adapt to new needs in terms of strength, lightness, flexibility, absorption, insulation, or protection of materials. For this reason, we can offer a customized service to a wide variety of sectors.

laminates and coatins textile


Discover how we apply the R+D to our manufacturing process. We are at your disposal to help you, to adapt and to offer you the best solution.

cb20 Antiviric Textiles


The CB-20 ® is a pattented treatment that can be applied to fabrics, resins and coatings.
We have a wide variety of manufacturing processes that can help you to find the right solution that best suits your purposes. We are specialists in developing new projects and we adjust to current needs.


Efficiency, guarantee, high quality and sustainability in all our production processes. This is our commitment as a Company and to our customers. COMMITMENT