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Laminats Orient  works with different manufacturers and with the most known brands in the market in order to give longer life to the textiles they treat and to reasure that they offer those properties their customers  request.

The treatments they use to protect its products against germ growth and allergenic sources, they delay the appearance of smells and stains, keep their higienic freshness, the y certify to be harmless to the contact and safe to the human health, they guarantee its  solid porperties towards certain condition of wash and scrubbing.7

In general terms, they contribute to give certain characteristics to the tissue achieving the desired technical functionality.

Types of finishings

  • Fire resistant
  • Water repellent / Stain repellent
  • Nonstick
  • Antistatic/ Absorbant
  • Anti-wrinkle/Anti-peeling
  • Anti-dust mites /Antibacterial
  • Anti-mosquitoe / Anti-bedbugs
  • Silicone finished / Softened

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