Following our continuous improvement philosophy, and focusing as usually, in offering high quality products to our customers, Laminats ORIENT has the big pleasure to make you part of the launching of our new product, BLACK OUT.

This product is offering excellent technical features, that we have achieved after exhaustive laboratory tests and with the effort and support of all members in our R&D department, who have been totally involved in this project since the beginning, in order to get the best characteristics of a BLACK OUT fabric:

  • Soft touch (weave sensation)
  • 100% Opacity (zero “light holes”)
  • Increased thickness

It is composed by Polyester (70%) and Cotton (30%) with 3 layers of resin (225 grs). It meets requirements of C1 certificate as per UNE-EN 13773:2003. It can also be tested for M-1 certificate, under request.

It can be manufactured in any width you require (max.320cms) and any colour shade can be applied to the fabric and/or coating.

Our Commercial department is at your total disposal in case that you require further technical information or customized quotations adapted to your requirements and projects.

Please feel free to contact us!

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